F10 M5 Engine Rebuild Prices

If you've been unlucky enough to have an F10 M5 (S63) Engine Failure or suffered some form of engine damage then you may be wanting to know rough costs.

Common faults are:

  • Bent Conrods (usually resulting in Piston cracking due to Crankshaft contact)
  • Failed Conrod Bearings (usually resulting in Crankshaft & Conrod damage)
  • Cracked Pistons
  • Engine Block/Bore damage (usually from open/failed Fuel Injectors)

We've recently received 4x separate F10 M5 engine rebuild requests in the space of 2 weeks, so we thought it would be useful to provide some basic pricing.

Your failure may just be down to a worn Conrod Bearing which has damaged the Crankshaft, or it may be more serious with Engine Bore Damage, or even worse, a Hole in the Engine Block due to a Conrod Failure.

Either way, it's very hard to give exact figures until we see the vehicle and carry out an initial strip-down assessment to understand and price every damaged component which needs replacing.

Whilst we're updating this page here are some rough scenarios:

1. New Genuine BMW Crankshaft, Bearings.
2. New Genuine BMW Crankshaft, Bearings, Conrods.
3. New Genuine BMW Crankshaft, Bearings, Conrods, Pistons.

4. New Genuine BMW Conrods, Bearings.
5. New Genuine BMW Conrods, Bearings, Pistons.
6. New Genuine BMW Conrods, Bearings, Pistons, Block.

7. New Genuine BMW Block, Bearings, Pistons.
8. New Genuine BMW Block, Bearings, Pistons, Crankshaft.
9. New Genuine BMW Block, Bearings, Pistons, Crankshaft, Conrods.

10. Engine Block overbore 0.25mm & Alusil Honing, Bearings, 0.25 Pistons.

11. New Genuine BMW Short Engine.

We are happy to work with uprated/upgraded/improved/stronger S63 Conrods like
Carrillo, FCP, PPM Pure Performance Motorsport etc.

All prices include 100's of individual gaskets/seals/o-rings from BMW for the rebuild.
All prices include Labour.
All prices include VAT.
All prices are estimates and will be confirmed once the initial strip-down assessment has taken place.
All prices are subject to BMW's Parts price fluctuations.

If you want to supply a used engine - we're happy to install this for you for between £3170 - £3940 depending on whether it's a 'short' (aka bare) or 'long' (aka complete) engine.

F10 M5 S63 Conrod Bearings only - Link HERE.

We require a £1000 deposit to make a booking for this service.

Please note we can only carry out this work for OEM vehicles with BMW engine software.
(That means if your engine has been remapped we cannot offer the engine work).

Also, if you have engine work with us and then go on to remap your engine it will void any patrs/labour warranty.

If you have any questions or would like to make a booking please Contact Us.