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Home of the famous BMW E46 V2 Subframe Reinforcement Plate Kit

Please note: - updated 06-11-17
James Redish (owner) and Katy Redish (reception) are expecting their first child any day now so please bear with us whilst 2 of our 4-person team are away.

We do have a new staff member: James Pingstone, who we've welcomed to the team. James Pingstone is a Service Advisor with a passion for excellent customer service and BMW M-power vehicles. James P is just finding his feet and will be on the phones and emails ASAP to help look after you.

We're just catching up on enquiries from late October and are looking forward to speaking with you soon. Apologies if you haven't had a reply to your email yet. Please bear with us, or feel free to send us a gentle reminder.

Thank you, James & Katy Redish, James Pingstone, Luke, Svend @ Redish BMW

Redish Motorsport is an independent specialist company who offer high-end professional procedures for BMW M-Power & Alpina vehicles.

Regularly regarded as one of the UK's premier specialists for BMW vehicles, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, unique proven procedures, and great competitive prices.

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We look forward to working with you, and your BMW.

James & Katy Redish, James Pingstone, Luke, Svend.