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Please note: - updated 10-10-17
Our receptionist is now away on maternity leave, and our new Service Advisor starts with us at the end of October. This means there will be a period of 2-3 weeks during October where we regret that we're unable to respond to every enquiry we receive. We would love to be able to respond to everyone and price jobs and make bookings, but we have already committed to deadlines for vehicles already on site with us. This means that all our current staff are workshop based and for the month of October are unlikely to be able to respond to your enquiry. We understand it's not an ideal situation, but we'd rather be honest and upfront. We're really sorry about this, and hope that it doesn't inconvenience you too much. If you are able to wait for us that's fantastic and we look forward to speaking with you on the phone & email in November. Thank you, James, Katy, Luke, Svend @ Redish BMW

Redish Motorsport is an independent specialist company who offer high-end professional procedures for BMW M-Power & Alpina vehicles.

Regularly regarded as one of the UK's premier specialists for BMW vehicles, we pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, unique proven procedures, and great competitive prices.

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We look forward to working with you, and your BMW.

James & Katy Redish, Luke, Svend.