G82 G83 M4 Service Prices

First and foremost, we are a specialist M-Power workshop dedicated to high quality workmanship and extremely good customer service.

We are not here to compete with the BMW Main Dealer's who rush through service work at an unbelievable pace (example: Engine Oil Service 15 mins allowance) and who's technicians are individually bonused.

Each vehicle that passes through our workshop receives accurate and consistent workmanship from time-served M Technicians Luke, Darren, or Josh.
We spend approx 4x longer carrying out our service because of the care and attention to detail we take during this specialist work. We even provide free of charge digital pictures at the end.

Also, BMW AG have given us an 'Independent BMW Dealer' number which is: 50024567.

This allows us to carry out BMW Key Reads, and then submit your vehicle's service-requirements to the BMW National Database.

Then, once your service work has been completed in our workshop, we connect your vehicle to BMW's ISTA software directly over the internet via the BMW ICOM hardware and transfer the Service Entry to your vehicle's onboard Service History menu in the I-Drive.

(We see many cars which have 'pirate' updates which get wiped by BMW at the next service).

All our Services include the Key Read and Service History transfer as part of the price:

Minor Service £295
Engine Oil & Filter

Major Service £760
Engine Oil & Filter
Spark Plugs
Air Filters

(Then the cycle repeats).

Other common service items for the G82 G83 M4:

Diff Fluid Service £75
NOTE: Diff Fluid must be changed every '3rd Service'

Vehicle Check Service £75

Brake Fluid Service £89

Bonnet Strut Service £135
(For vehicles with Option SA8TF - required every 5 years).

Front Brake Pad Service £530
Front Brake Pad & Disc Service £1480

Rear Brake Pad Service £460
Rear Brake Pad & Disc Service £1040

Running In Service £285
(only required at 1200 miles).

Prices include Genuine BMW Parts, Genuine BMW Engine Oil, Professional Labour, and VAT.

We require a £100 deposit at the point of booking.

To make a booking with us please call Simon Edwards (Service Manager) on 01179 781889