E60 E61 M5 Conrod Bearing Shells

BMW E60 E61 M5 Conrod Bearing Shell & Bolt replacement

We stock the ACL Conrod Bearings (commonly known as 'uprated').
We also stock Genuine BMW Conrod Bearings (commonly know as 702/703).

£1895 for ACL Bearings & BMW Bolts.     (Vanos Pipe can be added for £200).
£2250 for BMW Bearings & BMW Bolts.    (Vanos Pipe can be added for £200).

Our prices include:

  • Bearings & Bolts
  • Labour
  • Castrol 10w60 M-Power Engine Oil
  • Genuine BMW Sump Gasket
  • Genuine BMW Oil Filter Kit
  • Genuine BMW Oil Pump Suction Tube O-ring
  • Genuine BMW Power Steering CHF 11S Fluid
  • Genuine BMW Power Steering Sealing Rings
  • Genuine BMW Steering Gaitor Clamps
  • Consumables
  • New bearing clearances measure with Genuine BMW-supplied Plastigauge
  • Digital Pictures
  • Printed Clearance Measurement Report
  • VAT.

Or £1295 inc VAT in labour if you supply all your own parts.
(Customer's are welcome to supply their own M5 S85 V10 Conrod Bearing Shells/Bolts whether they be from VAC, BE Bearings, BMW, ACL, or any other manufacturer).