ACL Race Conrod Bearings
'Redish Custom Mixed Set'

Info on 'clearances':

The S65 Conrod Bearing clearance tolerance (set by BMW) is 0.027 - 0.076mm.

There is a general consensus that the S65 (and S85) BMW Bearings have 'tight' clearances as well as the possibility of the engine(s) having a bad luck 'tolerance stack' assembly process.

Plastigauge commonly shows BMW Conrod Bearing clearance around 0.038 - 0.050mm.

To mitigate these risks certain bearing manufacturers offer 'extra clearance' bearings.

We've been installing ACL Race bearings for over 6 years.
ACL Race are one of the few manufacturers who offer two sizes of bearings.
The designation for their bearings are as follows:

H - Standard clearance.
HX - Extra clearance.

ACL Race sell a full set of 'H' Conrod Bearings which yield around 0.038 - 0.050mm as they're aiming for BMW clearances. 

ACL Race also sell a full set of 'HX' Conrod Bearings which yield around 0.063mm.

Here at Redish we opt for a blend of both the 'H' and 'HX' bearings.
(This is a recognised solution and one which ACL Race confirm on their website).

Using a 'H' & 'HX' mixed set of Conrod Bearings yields around 0.050mm.

ACL Race don't sell a mixed set of 'H' and 'HX' bearings.
However, ourselves at Redish stock so many of the ACL Race bearings that a long time ago we decided to create our own labels and call them a 'Redish Custom Mixed Set'.

We're happy to admit there's nothing special about this set other than we take a 'H' and a 'HX' set, separate them, mix them, label them, and call it a mixed set.

We've been using these for many years on our own Conrod Bearing processes (we carry out rod bearings on 2-3 vehicles per week).