BMW E90 E92 E93 M3 Conrod Bearing Shell & Bolt replacement

*** BMW increased the price of their bearings to £459.26 on 1st Feb 2018 ***

£864 inc VAT in labour if you supply your own parts.
£1595 inc VAT in parts/labour if we supply Genuine BMW Bearings, Bolts, Oil/Filter, Gaskets.

We stock Genuine BMW S65 (702/703) Conrod Bearing Shells, and with Gen' BMW Conrod Bolts.
We can also offer BE Conrod Bearing Shells & BE ARP Bolts.
(Customer's are also welcome to supply their own M3 S65 V8 Conrod Bearing Shells/Bolts whether they be from VAC Motorsport, BE Bearings, BMW, or any other manufacturer).

We have a company E90 M3 2008 model with 79,000 miles which we have fine-tuned a repair procedure for methodical but affordable replacement of the S65 Conrod Bearing Shells.
The BMW 088/089 Shells are known to wear at an unusually quicker rate when compared to BMW's previous M-power engines like the S50 S54 M3, and S62 M5.

We are one of the only companies happy to share our measurement data and process of measurements of the Conrod Bearing clearance.
We have measured every single BMW M-power engine that we've ever replaced Conrod Bearing Shells on since our company's inception in 2009.
Over the years we were starting to wonder if our mandatory measurement process was excessive as we were finding no great problems. Then in 2015 we found one bearing shell showed a clearance of over 0.076mm which is outside of BMW's tolerance, yet visually the shell and crank journal was 'OK'. This made our relentless clearance measurements worth while as otherwise just 'replacing bearing shells' would have never have shown the problem. 

So it's very important to measure the clearance of the old and new bearing shells.
When in situ the human eye can't see the difference between 0.050mm and 0.080mm but yet the difference in terms of engine reliability would be massive.

The new style 702/703 BMW Bearings along with BE Bearings are claimed to have a greater clearance when compared with the original 088/089 BMW Bearings. This is supposedly designed to allow a greater film (cushion) of oil around the crankshaft journal and between the bearing shell of the conrod. (Remember, Conrod Bearing Shells don't touch or run on the crankshaft journal, they have to 'float' on a tiny film of oil). This revision will supposedly allow the conrod bearing shell to last longer than the 088/089 bearings would have done from factory. 

This is a 10 hour labour process due to our due diligence of measuring the clearances of the OLD Conrod Bearing Shells to Crankshaft Journal, and recording the measurement data for you. Then measuring the clearances of all the NEW Conrod Bearing Shells to Crankshaft Journal, and recording the measurement data for you. Along with each time following the correct BMW 3-stage torque process 3x times for each bolt.
Then finally using the new virgin Conrod Bolts once clearances have been analysed and approved.

When considering this complex repair for your E9x M3, make sure you know whether you are simply having your bearing shells/bolts replaced, or whether you're having your bearing shells/bolts replaced, along with comprehensive analysis of clearance measurements backed up with recorded data, and oil sampling, plus digital media of the repair.
Otherwise you will not know if the clearances are suitable and it will purely be an assumption that none of the new bearing shells were defective, incorrectly packaged or manufactured, or even microscopically scratched in the packaging for example.

(We even give the customer final setting angle data of each of the 16 Conrod Bolts, or final setting torque measurements if using ARP Bolts).

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Until then please call us on 01179 781889 if you would like to discuss this Conrod Bearing Shell & Bolt replacement on your BMW E90 M3, E92 M3, E93 M3 using the BMW S65 V8 engine.