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Why do I need to pay a deposit to make a booking with Redish Motorsport?
We take a deposit to secure that relevant workshop time for your vehicle.
For some reason, we (as well as other specialist workshops) see our fair share of 'no shows' which causes us to have 'gaps' in our workshop diary which could have been filled.
This in turn adds to a longer than necessary 'lead time'.
So, paying a small deposit helps show your commitment to us.

But I'm booking in for Redish to diagnose a problem with my BMW?
Do I still need to pay a deposit?

Yes, this is for the same reasons as the question/answer above.

How much deposit do I need to pay?
That depends on the value and length of each job you require.
If a deposit is needed, it says so at the bottom of the relevant web page in red.
(Usually between £100-£500).

What happens to my deposit money which I pay you?
We allocate your deposit payment amount to your 'account' within our system.
Then, at the end of your service/repair, you can use your deposit to pay towards your invoice.

Is my deposit refundable if I need to cancel?
If you cancel with more than 1 weeks notice before your booking date we can refund you.
If you cancel with less than 1 weeks notice before your booking date we cannot refund you, but we can 'transfer' your booking to another date.

Can I supply my own parts for you to install?
Unfortunately not.
We have our own in-house Parts Dept with dedicated staff and stock, and for that reason we do not accept customer-supplied parts.

My car still has BMW warranty - can you carry out BMW warranty work?
No, unfortunately not. 
Only BMW Main Dealers can carry out BMW warranty work.

My car has Aftermarket Warranty (warranty wise, AA warranty, warranty direct etc).
Can Redish carry out warranty work?
No, unfortunately not.

Can't you just speak with my warranty company and get the claim authorised?
No, I'm afraid it's our company policy not to deal/speak/email with warranty companies.

How come you can't even speak to my warranty company?
Warranty companies are extremely hard to deal with. It takes several hours from start to finish to get an authorisation, then sometimes weeks until payment is received.
We do not have the administration man power to deal with aftermarket warranty processes.

So what can I do if I want my work done under my warranty?
If you want to have work carried out using warranty I'm afraid we can't help you at this stage.
You're welcome to still have us carry out the work but you'll have to pay for the work yourself.

My car is due a BMW Quality Enhancement (aka Recall). Can Redish do this for me?
No, unfortunately not. 
Only BMW Main Dealers can carry out Quality Enhancement (aka Recall) work.

Can you provide me with a Loan or Hire Car whilst I leave my BMW with you?
Unfortunately we don't operate a Loan or Hire Car system.
However, you could have a look at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
Details here:

Do you accept fault analysis codes from software other than BMW?
No, unfortunately not.
We do not accept fault codes over the phone/email, or in person from software like Snap On, Autologic, Bosch or anything that isn't BMW ISTA.
We must carry out our own diagnosis in house at Redish to obtain a correct diagnosis.
We only use Genuine BMW ISTA software 'over-the-internet' direct from BMW AG servers.
Non-genuine software (like Snap On, Autologic, Bosch etc) have different fault code structures which do not cross over or help in any way with our required BMW software.

Can you recommend a bodyshop to me?
Unfortunately not.
We recommend asking on relevant M-power forums or Facebook groups.

Can you recommend a recovery company to me?
Unfortunately not.
We recommend asking on relevant M-power forums or Facebook groups.