E46 M3 Pre / Post Purchase Inspection (PPI)

This can be known as 3 things:

Pre Purchase Inspection:
An inspection before the vehicle is purchased (either the seller or buyer can arrange/pay).

Post Purchase Inspection
An inspection after the vehicle is purchased (always the buyer arranges/pays).

Pre Sale Inspection

An inspection before the vehicle is sold (always the seller arranges/pays).

A good amount of questions you'll likely be asked when you advertise your E46 M3 will be related to the 'common issues'.
The biggest one is the RACP (Rear Axle Carrier Panel) and it's potential to crack and have broken spot welds.
Therefore we include a detailed inspection of the RCAP using Borescope cameras inside and underneath hidden panels in the car - as can be seen in the video example above.

The other 'common issues' are:
Conrod Bearings

For a further £140 we can offer you a package of checks on these 3 engine areas.

We will carry out a Compression Test to check absolute compression in all 6 cylinders of the engine

We will carry out a Vanos Test (using BMW DIS Diagnostics) to check Relative Timing, Leak Deviation, and Solenoid Response Time.
We will also remove the Engine Rocker Cover and inspect the Exhaust Cam Hub