Updated 01-06-18:

Our RACP process is currently on hold whilst we assess it's financial viability.

For many years we've been carrying out our Repair & Reinforcement Process with world-class finishes like this on every car:
However, to obtain these structural and visual finishes we spend around 36 hours on the UNDERSIDE of the panel, yet only charge out 15.75 hours.
Then we spend up to 24 hours on the INTERNAL side of the panel but only ever charge out a maximum of 14.75 hours.

So this process is currently on hold pending a financial review to decide if the price has to be altered or the process has to be altered.

If/when we decide to offer the E46 RACP Repair & Reinforcement Process again we will update these pages.

Many thanks for your interest in Redish Motorsport.
Best regards,
James Redish