BMW E46 Rear Axle Carrier Panel (aka Subframe) Cracks

BMW E46 RACP Repair & Reinforcement Introduction

After a 6 month break we're pleased to inform you that we're able to offer our famous Redish Motorsport E46 RACP Repair & Reinforcement Process again.

This is due to the fact that since putting this repair on hold we've been inundated with enquiries and requests from owners wanting our quality and expertise.
We've had so much interest that we've felt it necessary to continue our our world-class E46 RACP repairs.

Therefore we're taking a small number of commissions this year and invite you to enquire or register your interest. Contact Us.

In 2011 Redish Motorsport pioneered the E46 RACP work (in the UK) into an affordable, reliable, and comprehensive package.
Since then we've been developing our procedure to maintain our widely regarded position throughout the world, as well as offer the most up to date information on known weak points whilst using the most modern of corrosion protection materials.

We offer our BMW E46 Rear Axle Carrier Panel (aka Subframe) (aka RACP) Repair & Reinforcement Process using our very own Redish Motorsport E46 V2 RACP Reinforcement Plate Kits and execute each job to this standard you see here in the video below:

Next step?
If you are interested in having us carry out our RACP repair to your BMW E46 then we first need to inspect your BMW E46 in our Redish Motorsport workshop in Bristol, UK.
We call this a RACP Check & Report.

This is 3-4 hour initial assessment which provides both us and yourself with the necessary information regarding the damage to the RACP Underside, and Internal (if applicable),

We will also need to carry out a Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection to determine the condition of other key components that we need to remove and install for the repair; like Exhaust, Undertrays, Heatshields, Suspension, Propshaft, Diff, Subframe, Driveshafts, Brakes, Fuel System, Suspension Bushes and Balljoints, as well as check the chassis for any corrosion problems which we may encounter during the repair.

We need to carry out this essential check before hand so we can allocate the correct amount of workshop time to your BMW E46, as well as provide you with an accurate price for the work required in case there's a corrosion issue which needs addressing, or an exhaust mount problem, or rusted brake pipes for example.

This RACP Check & Report and Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection costs £260 including VAT and we need your BMW E46 for half a day.

You are welcome to wait with the car if you like. Otherwise we have 2x retail parks less than a mile away which have coffee shops, retail shops, and a cinema for example.

If you go on to have us carry out our BMW E46 RACP Repair & Reinforcement Process then we refund you this £260 cost, so it eventually costs you nothing.

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