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BMW E46 M3 Rear Axle Carrier Panel - Introduction

The BMW E46 Rear Axle Carrier Panel (aka Subframe Panel) is an extremely large, heavy, contoured, and complex panel which holds 8 out of the 10 rear axle connection points.
So, it has a serious amount of load going through it.

It's made up of 1.2mm sheet metal stamped panels with a few separate pieces of stamped metal spot welded and mig welded together to make the front & rear 'box sections' where the 'threaded receivers' are for the Subframe Bolts to locate into.

We've been relentlessly dealing with the E46 Rear Axle Carrier Panel issues (amongst other things) since 2011 and have obtained a vast knowledge of failure patterns and locations which others may not be aware of.

Over the past 6 years of repairing & reinforcing the 'RACP' of the BMW E46 chassis, we've become recognised as the world-leaders of this process, and we're pleased to say we still hold our 100% success rate.

Our process is the most comprehensive available in the UK, and carries the attention to detail only seen by automotive restorers.
Some of the key areas we focus on are vehicle & personnel safety, structural longevity, original appearance, as well as internal & external corrosion defence.

Nowadays the RACP repair process is so much more than just working under the car.
A large portion of BMW E46's that come to us have crack and spot weld damage INSIDE THE CAR, in hidden internal cavities under the Boot Floor Panel, and Rear Seat Panel.

These 'inside' issues are only visible with a borescope camera and are in 2x separate hidden cavities only accessed under the Boot Floor Panel, and under the Rear Seat Panel.

For that reason, we've separated the information into 2 pages:

For the BMW E46 RACP UNDERSIDE repair click here
For the BMW E46 RACP INTERNAL repair click here

There is no denying this type of attention to detail costs money.
The UNDERSIDE repair & reinforcement process is £1540 including VAT.
Then if your M3 needs all 5x INTERNAL areas repairing that's an additional £1316 inc VAT.
We want to be totally transparent and let our potential customers know that yes you can easily spend £2856 including VAT repairing the Underside AND Internals of the RACP.
That is before any considerations of Subframe Bushes, RTAB's Brake Pipes, Exhaust Fixings. etc.