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BMW E46 RACP (Rear Axle Carrier Panel) Check & Report

For years people have been assuming that just UNDERSIDE checks are adequate when searching for crack or spot weld failures on the BMW E46 RACP.

However, this is not the case.
Since first finding INTERNAL issues back in 2014 we've been actively inspecting the INTERNAL sections of the BMW E46 RACP which are closed cavities hidden by the Rear Seat Panel and Boot Floor Panel.

Therefore the only BMW E46 RACP check you should consider having is an UNDERSIDE & INTERNAL Check & Report.

If your vehicle has previously been inspected only underneath the vehicle then you should consider having someone also inspect the Internal sections with a borescope camera like in our video below.

 UNDERSIDE & INTERNAL cavity borescope camera inspections £153 including VAT.
(we need your car for 2-3 hours).

You will receive a detailed printed report IF any cracks or spot weld problems are found.

You will also receive a video of the findings from our inspection.
The video is completely personal to you and is recorded and explained by James Redish - arguably a pioneer of the BMW E46 RACP Repair & Reinforcement Processes in the UK back in 2011. This personal video lasts around 10 minutes for the 'RACP Check & Report' and can rise to around 30 minutes if also having a 'Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection' (details below). 

If you would like to make a booking for a BMW E46 RACP Check & Report with us in Bristol, please Contact Us. - we will need your BMW E46 for 2-3 hours.

BMW E46 M3 Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

A lot of our customers also wish to know more about the condition of their BMW E46 M3 and therefore take advantage of the opportunity to have us carry out our 'Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection'.

This consists of us (arguably one of the UK's leading BMW E46 M3 specialists) studying the mechanical and underside components of your BMW E46 M3 to report on the condition of them.

We are extremely thorough and will even report on missing undertray screws, and incorrectly used or sited fixings for example.
We are all E46 M3 owner/drivers at Redish Motorsport and currently (2019) have 6x E46 M3's between us staff and have even built many E46 M3's from bare bodyshells.

So we're perfectly placed to inspect, check, test, and report on all manor of items like:

  • Engine & Ancillaries
  • Fuel System
  • Cooling System
  • Exhaust System
  • Clutch System
  • Gearbox & Gearshift 
  • Propshaft & Driveshaft
  • Front Axle & Suspension
  • Steering System
  • Rear Axle & Suspension
  • Braking System
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Bodywork including corrosion assessment
  • Vehicle Exterior & Interior Trim
  • Vehicle Electrical Systems
  • Lighting & Instruments
  • Audio & Navigation
  • Parking Sensors
  • Airbag & Safety Systems

Once we've carried out our 'Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection', we will write a detailed report of any findings and present that to you in the form of a printed 'Advisory Report'.

We will also video every point which we have noted in our printed report and provide you with a personalised video link to watch your car's video in your own time, at your own leisure, as many times as you wish.
Our personalised video's are often 10 minutes long but can sometimes extend to 30 minutes long if also having our 'RACP Check & Report' (details above).

If you would like our 'Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection' in conjunction with our 'RACP Check & Report' then we can offer both services for £260 including VAT.
(We will need your car for half a day).

You are welcome to wait with the car if you like. Otherwise we have 2x retail parks less than a mile away which have coffee shops, retail shops, and a cinema for example.

If you go on to have us carry out our BMW E46 RACP Repair & Reinforcement Process then we refund you this £260 cost, so it eventually costs you nothing.

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