BMW Z3 M S50 & S54 Conrod Bearing Shell & Bolt Replacement

BMW Z3 M Conrod Bearings

During our work we always change the following items:

  • Conrod Bearing Shells x12 (Uppers x6, Lowers x6)
  • Conrod Bolts x12
  • Plastigauge measure clearances of all new bearings
  • Genuine BMW Sump Gasket
  • Genuine BMW Sump Sieve Gasket
  • Genuine BMW Sump Plug
  • Genuine BMW Oil Pump Suction Tube O-ring
  • Genuine BMW Dipstick O-ring
  • Genuine BMW Steering Tie Rod Gaitor Clips
  • Genuine BMW Engine Oil Filter Kit
  • Castrol Supercar 10w60 M-power Engine Oil
  • Genuine BMW PAS Fluid 
  • Genuine BMW PAS Rack Sealing Rings

We offer several options depending on the brand of bearings & bolts that the customer would like.

ACL Bearings / BMW Bolts £1095
ACL Bearings / ARP Bolts £1195

BMW Bearings / BMW Bolts £1420.
BMW Bearings / ARP Bolts £1575.

Please note:
All prices include VAT.

We would need your car for 2 working days to carry out this repair.
We will also take digital pictures of key stages to document the repair for you.

Optional extras:
ou now have the option of having James Redish carry out a 15 minute technical video for you. This video is personal to your vehicle and includes your name and registration number plate. It includes technical detail and visuals of an area you're never likely to see again on your vehicle. We record up close and personal to show you the inside of your engine and specifically concentrating on the Crankshaft, Conrods, Bearings, as well as see the underside of pistons, gudgeon pins, conrod bolts, and your old conrod bearings. The main highlights of the video are the Plastigauge measuring process to ensure the oil clearance is within the BMW tolerance. As well as an overview and discussion regarding the wear on your old bearings (which you get to take home with you). The video package we offer is not mandatory and is offered at an optional cost of £90 inc VAT.

This additional service must be requested at the time of your booking.

See example video below of what you can expect: