Z3M S54 Vanos Overhaul

Our S54 (E46 M3, M3 CSL, Z3M, Z4M) Vanos Overhauls come in various difference stages depending on how many 'upgrade' parts you would like. 

Vanos Overhaul - Option 1 - £1450

  • Beisan S54 Vanos Seal Kit
  • Beisan S54 Sealing Plate O-rings
  • Beisan S54 Anti Rattle Kit
  • Re-Drilled S54 Oil Pump Disc
  • BMW Solenoid Valve with integral Coil Pack
  • BMW Chain Tensioner Guide Rail
  • BMW Vanos Gasket
  • BMW Upgraded Cam Hub Bolts
  • BMW Vanos Gearbox Hex Bolts
  • Vanos Oil Pressure Line Seal Rings
  • Carry out S54 Engine Timing using our Genuine BMW S54 Special Tools
  • Carry out Vanos Test(s) using BMW DIS or ISTA, once engine at correct temp'
  • Carry out roadtest, QC checks, and check Vanos functionality.

Vanos Overhaul - Option 2 - £1560
Option 1 list as above, PLUS:

  • Beisan S54 Nylon Chain Guide
  • BMW S62 Diaphragm Springs

Optional extras to consider:
Beisan Exhaust Cam Hub £474.
Beisan S54 Nylon Chain Guide Rail upgrade £70.
BMW Solenoid Valve with integral Coil Pack £540.
Valve Clearances £96 (any shims required are charged additionally at £3.60 each).

(All prices include parts and labour and VAT).

We require a £100 deposit to make a Vanos Overhaul booking.