BMW E46 M3 CSL S54 Headgasket replacement

We treat out BMW E46 M3 CSL Headgasket replacements as a perfect opportunity to refresh pretty much all the cylinder head water, oil, air O-rings, Seals, Gaskets.

We provide an extremely comprehensive overhaul when carrying out the common BMW E46 M3 CSL S54 headgasket replacement.

Our price for the basic package is £2575
This includes the following parts, fluid, labour, and VAT)
(Scroll down for the additional cost associated with Cylinder Head Servicing).

Part descriptionQty
Head bolt set1
Head dowels2
Vanos supply O-ring Front1
Vanos supply O-ring Rear1
Vanos Supply / Cam Bridge Green O-ring1
Camshaft sensor O-rings2
Exhaust Chain guide bolt sealing washer1
Inlet Chain guide bolt sealing washer1
Vanos pressure valve filter1
Vanos pressure valve filter O-ring1
Vanos pressure valve body O-ring1
Vanos steel gasket1
Vanos oil pipe copper washers4
Oil drain down tube copper washers2
Cam hub torx bolts for sprockets12
Vanos gearbox hex bolts12
Head chain guide rail1
Head chain guide rail O-ring1
Chain tensioner sealing washer1
Blue BMW Antifreeze3L
Thermostat lower O-ring1
Thermostat upper O-ring2
Vacuum rail hose clamp1
Fuel supply pipe O-ring1
Water rail to cylinder head O-rings3
Rocker Cover Gasket (outer)1
Rocker Cover spark plug gaskets x6 (inners)6
Rocker Cover Nut Seal Rings x1515
Throttle body to head O-ring6
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets x66
Air emissions valve to head gasket1

Strongly recommended and sometimes mandatory depending on the condition of your Cylinder Head.
(This is only known once the Head is removed from your engine):

Cylinder Head Service - Stage 1 £480:
Chemical Bath
Pressure Test
Straightness Check
Collection/Delivery to/from Machine Shop


Cylinder Head Service - Stage 2 £560:
Stage 1 items PLUS:
Valve Stem Oil Seals
Valve & Seat Lapping

We're finding some E46 M3's with extremely dirty/stained/clogged/tarnished Cylinder Heads (due to incorrect oil grade, poor oil quality, or extended service intervals).
Some vehicles require the Cylinder Head to be chemically cleaned in a Hot Wash bath twice (or even three times).
If this is required on your vehicle there will be an additional £80 surcharge for the additional cleaning.

Optional Extra:
We are also able to thoroughly clean the Rocker Cover in the Hot Wash tank for £35.
(Some vehicle need this, and some don't. We can advise once we've removed the Cover).

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