E60 E61 M5 Fuel Injectors

The S85 V10 has a certain stigma for 2 well known problems which unfortunately can wreck an engine in seconds and without warning.

One is the Conrod Bearings.
The other is the Fuel Injectors......

The S85 uses conventional port style injectors but for some reason they can fault by sticking open.

A best case scenario is a fuel injector slightly open and trickling fuel into a cylinder which can sometimes be picked up by the DME and shown as a Engine Management Light on the dash.

A worse case scenario is a fuel injector largely open and spraying excessive amounts of fuel into a cylinder which cannot be burnt off quick enough and therefore stay in liquid form.
The problem here is that not only does fuel wash away the oil on the bore and cause bore wear, but a liquid is incompressible inside an engine's combustion cylinder(s) and therefore can cause a 'hydrolock' situation.
Hydrolocking is when a piston travelling upwards (on 2nd stroke 'squeeze' or 4th stroke 'blow') cannot compress a liquid inside a cylinder and comes to a sudden and abrupt stop which almost always results in a bent conrod at a minimum.
In really extreme cases this causes irreparable damage to Conrod Bearings, Crankshaft Journal, Cylinder Bore, Piston Crown, and can sometimes cause a Conrod to fail completely and exit through the side of the Engine Block.

It does seem rare and we'll be the first to admit than in all the years we've been dealing with the S85 (and it's smaller brother: S65) we've only seen 1 engine with this damage, and that was in fact an S65.

However, it doesn't detract from the numerous enquiries we get from owners wanting to discuss the issue and obtain pricing for replacing the injectors as a preventative measure.

Therefore, we're listing the price here for the 10x Genuine BMW Fuel Injectors and the labour required to replace them which totals £2325 including VAT.

Please note that we can only carry out Fuel Injector replacement as a preventative measure.
If you have a Fuel Injector which has already caused damage, it's unlikely that we can help.

To make a booking for this job, we require a special-order-parts-payment upfront of £1795 (which is the cost of 10x Genuine BMW Fuel Injectors).