BMW E60 E61 M5 Clutch & Flywheel

The Clutch & Flywheel replacement on the E60 E61 M5 is quite a big job but one which we regularly carry out.

The physical changing of the actual Clutch and Flywheel isn't too difficult but its the access and dealing with the huge 82kg 7-speed SMG Gearbox, and then also the BMW Software Clutch Adaptation Process, Clutch Characteristic Curve Reset, and Bite Point Teach-In which other specialists sometimes suffer with.

Here at Redish Motorsport we specialise in the complex E60 E61 M5 Clutch & Flywheel replacements.

We even built a custom hydraulic jig which allows us to safely remove the huge 7-speed Gearbox as a 1-man operation!

See our videos below.

£4550 for Genuine BMW Parts 

£3575 for LUK Flywheel & BMW everything else.
*** 15-05-24 SACHS Clutches STILL on Worldwide Backorder ***
This means the temporary LUK & SACHS option will rise to £3575 as we have to use a Genuine BMW Clutch Kit for the time being.

Our prices includes VAT and the following:

  • BMW ISTA initial diagnostic test
  • Flywheel
  • Clutch
  • Guide Sleeve
  • Clutch Fork
  • Ball Pin
  • Spring Clip
  • Clutch Bolts
  • Exhaust Downpipe Gaskets
  • Labour
  • Consumables
  • BMW ISTA final software/setup work
  • Digital Pictures
  • VAT.

(We require your M5 for 2 days to carry out this work).
To make a booking with us we require some of the special-order parts to be paid upfront.
Therefore, we require a £1500 deposit at the point of booking.


Other common S85 Clutch Jobs to consider whilst the Gearbox is removed:

Slave Cylinder £635 including VAT.
Supply & install Genuine BMW Slave Cylinder.
Carry out BMW ISTA Slave Cylinder Bleeding Service Function.
We highly recommend you watch this video due to a BMW internal known issue with some slave cylinders:

PLCD Sensor £515 including VAT.
Supply & install Genuine BMW PLCD Sensor
Supply & install Genuine BMW Cable Clips

Crankshaft Rear Main Oil Seal £88 including VAT.
Supply & install Genuine BMW Crankshaft Rear Main Oil Seal
Supply & install Dreibond 1209 sealant at bed plate joint