BMW E60 E61 M5 Engine Oil Sampling

Having an Engine Oil Sample carried out can be a worth while process.
Now a days it's a cost effective way to monitor and hopefully prevent internal engine issues.

If you choose to have an Engine Oil Sample we recommend doing it during your Engine Oil Service as we are already draining the old engine oil out of the engine oil sump.
This makes it very straight forward to obtain the 50-100ml of engine oil required for sampling.

We take the 50-100ml engine oil sample half way through the oil drain process.
This ensures you have a uniform distribution of oil and haven't taken the 'top' or 'bottom' of the oil.

We do all the paperwork, forms, and even post the sample - making it a completely hassle free process for you.

Once the laboratory have received your BMW Engine Oil Sample they put it through a series of industry-standard tests for oil analysis to determine what kind of life the engine has been living.

This will build up a picture to see if any components are experiencing unusual amounts of wear, or any unusual characteristics.

This is especially useful when thinking about the BMW M5 S85 V10 engine which can suffer with premature conrod bearing failure.

Once the oil has been analysed, a report is emailed to us a few days later, which we then forward to you via email.

Although Engine Oil Analysis Reports are extremely useful, we say they shouldn't be taken as gospel. This is because a single sample can only act as a snap shot of the wear over a period of time with that particular batch of engine oil.

Any previous engine wear cannot be known and owners should be mindful of that moving forward.

If you choose to sample your engine's oil, we recommend multiple samples are carried out over a period of time. For example, at every Engine Oil Service.
This will give a much more accurate picture of any internal engine components wearing or breaking down as you will have a benchmark sample to compare future samples with.

Engine Oil Samples cost just £40 including VAT.
(Price valid if you are already having some form of Service with us which requires the engine oil to be drained).

If you require Engine Oil Sampling as a standalone process the price is £102 including VAT and the sample will need to be taken from your Oil Filter Housing (requires undertray removal on the E6x M5 V10).

End Note:
Remember, Oil Sampling is great in certain occasions and works best when you have a known quality (say new engine, or new conrod bearings for example) as you can carry out multiple and regular Oil Samples to see if any wear is occurring.

The key thing here is 'multiple' samples.
For it to work really well you need to have repetitive Oil Samples so you can compare them and look out for any strange rises in wear metals.

In certain experiences we've seen how carrying out Oil Sampling just once, and to try to ascertain if your original conrod bearings and wearing doesn't always work.
See our video below: