E85 Z4 Roof Motor Relocation

We can relocate your BMW E85 Z4 Roof Motor into the Boot and away from the original 'water-trap' location.

Sometimes we're able to 'revive' your old corroded/seized Roof Motor back to life.
Sometimes a new BMW Roof Motor needs to be used.

Above is a video showing the high detail which goes into our Z4 Roof Motor Relocations.

  • If your old Roof Motor is salvageable and can be reused £395 inc VAT.
  • If you need a new Genuine BMW Roof Motor £1040 inc VAT. 
(BMW increased the price of the new Roof Motor by £151 January 2024 making the job now £1040 inc VAT).

To make a booking with us we require a £100 deposit at the point of booking.

Other failures to be aware of:
We have also seen other Roof items fail which stop the BMW Z4 Roof working.
These are:
  • Hydraulic Pipe Set Left (corroded through and holed)
  • Hydraulic Pipe Set Right (corroded through and holed)
Examples of these corroded pipes can be seen in our video at 03:11 below:

If we find any corroded or holed Hydraulic Pipes whilst carrying out your Roof Motor Relocation we will inform you as then the job turns into a larger one due to the Roof Assembly having to be removed from the vehicle to access the Hydraulic Pipes which go to each Hinge. This would also likely require your Z4 staying with us for more than just 1 day as parts would need to be ordered from BMW.
(However, this is uncommon).