E85 Z4 Roof Motor Relocation

We can relocate your BMW E85 Z4 Roof Motor into the Boot and away from the original 'water-trap' location.

Sometimes we're able to 'revive' your old corroded/seized Roof Motor back to life.
Sometimes a new BMW Roof Motor needs to be used.

Above is a video showing the high detail which goes into our Z4 Roof Motor Relocations.

  • If your old Roof Motor is salvageable and can be reused £295 inc VAT.
  • If you need a new Genuine BMW Roof Motor £785 inc VAT.

Please let us know if you would like to make a booking for this.

To make a booking with us we require a £100 deposit at the point of booking.

Other failures to be aware of:
We have also seen other Roof items fail which stop the BMW Z4 Roof working.
These are:
  • Hydraulic Pipe Set Left (corroded through and holed)
  • Hydraulic Pipe Set Right (corroded through and holed)
Examples of these corroded pipes can be seen in our video at 03:11 below:

If we find any corroded or holed Hydraulic Pipes whilst carrying out your Roof Motor Relocation we will inform you as then the job turns into a larger one due to the Roof Assembly having to be removed from the vehicle to access the Hydraulic Pipes which go to each Hinge.
(However, this is uncommon).