BMW E85 E86 Z4M Vanos Overhaul

Our S54 (E46 M3, M3 CSL, Z3M, Z4M) Vanos Overhauls come in various difference stages depending on how many 'upgrade' parts you would like. 

Vanos Overhaul - Option 1 - £1450

  • Beisan S54 Vanos Seal Kit
  • Beisan S54 Sealing Plate O-rings
  • Beisan S54 Anti Rattle Kit
  • Re-Drilled S54 Oil Pump Disc
  • BMW Hydraulic Valve Block & Integral Coil Pack 
  • BMW Chain Tensioner Guide Rail
  • BMW Vanos Gasket
  • BMW Upgraded Cam Hub Bolts
  • BMW Vanos Gearbox Hex Bolts
  • Vanos Oil Pressure Line Seal Rings
  • Carry out S54 Engine Timing using our Genuine BMW S54 Special Tools
  • Carry out Vanos Test(s) using BMW DIS or ISTA, once engine at correct temp'
  • Carry out roadtest, QC checks, and check Vanos functionality.

Vanos Overhaul - Option 2 - £1615
Option 1 list as above, PLUS:

  • Beisan S54 Nylon Chain Guide
  • BMW S62 Diaphragm Springs
  • BMW Coil Pack Bolts

Optional extras to consider:
Beisan Exhaust Cam Hub £474.
Valve Clearances £96 (any shims required are charged additionally at £3.60 each).

(All prices include parts and labour and VAT).

We require a £100 deposit to make a Vanos Overhaul booking.

More details to follow.....

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Vanos Overhauls