E90 E92 E93 M3 Underside Restoration

Redish Motorsport have been carrying out Underside Restorations since 2006 when we first completed a 1987 Lachs Silver E30 M3.

Since then we've completed a multitude of BMW Underside Restorations and more recently (c.2015) we've started filming key stages of the process and showcasing them on our YouTube Channel.

You can view just some of the Underside Restoration pictures below.

How much will it cost?:
Underside Restorations are offered on a case-by-case basis.

This means we need to carry out an 'Initial Inspection first to appraisal your vehicle before we can offer accurate pricing.

As the E9x M3 platform ages, there are increasingly more items which are deteriorating.
Here's an example video of some of the common items we find:

Rough Prices:
To give you a rough guide, a complete Front-to-Rear Nut & Bolt Underside Restoration will take over 150 labour hours due to the complexities required with eradicating trapped corrosion.

Parts are subjective but can easily reach £3000-6000 for a complete Front-to-Rear Nut & Bolt Underside Restoration.

The first step is to make an booking for us to carry out an 'Initial Inspection' for us to appraise your vehicle.

Lead Times:
We are usually booking ahead 6-12 months for Restoration work.
However, we can usually carry out the Initial Inspection/appraisals in the next couple of months.

Please Contact Us to discuss further.

Whilst this page is being updated, have a look at our 1 hour video(s) showing the semi Underside Restoration process (rear only) to a PAIR of BMW E92 M3 2011 DCT model.