BMW E9x M3 Rear Brake Calipers

The BMW E90/E92/E92 M3 Rear Brake Calipers can seize and bind on without much warning.

This is because corrosion builds up on the steel piston which eventually gets stuck inside the caliper housing and doesn't release.

The front calipers are not affected and neither are most BMW calipers.
However, the E9x M3 Rear Calipers very commonly seize which is why we've dedicated a page to the issue and offer a solution if you find yourself in this situation.


Stage 1 - Calipers & Fluid.

Stage 2 - Calipers, Fluid, Flexi Hoses, Metal Brake Pipes.

Stage 3 - Calipers, Fluid, Flexi Hoses, Metal Brake Pipes, Brake Pads, Brake Discs.

An additional Brake Pipe problem which can occur: