E90 E92 E93 M3 Propshaft Noise

The E9x M3 Propshaft has an inherent weakness with the Centre UJ (Universal Joint).
As the vehicle and it's drivetrain ages we're seeing more vehicle which make this odd 'tinging' noise when a load reversal happens between 1st & Reverse and vica versa.

This 'tinging' noise can also be described as a 'cow-bell' noise, a 'clicking' noise, and generally a high pitched 'ding' and is not to be confused with a deep thud, knock, or bang.

We have investigated many vehicles over the years and they all seem to have the wear in the same place: the Universal Joint (UJ) (not to be confused with the CVJ at the rear of the prop or the Centre Bearing in the centre of the prop).

Ourselves, and other owners, have tried to have the Propshafts refurbished, overhauled, balanced by Propshaft specialists but the noise returns.

The only success we've had at eradicating the noise is by supplying and installing a brand new Genuine BMW Propshaft.

Although, it's a costly procedure, eventually the noise becomes more common, louder, and starts happening between 1st and 2nd gear changes when driving (as experienced on one of our staff cars).

We offer brand new Genuine BMW Propshafts (Manual or DCT same price) including professional installation (following BMW's essential pre-loading technique), new Exhaust Gaskets and Fixings for £1580 including VAT.

We require your vehicle for 1 day to carry out this work.

If you would like to discuss this work, or make a booking please call us on 01179 781889 and we'll be happy to help you.

Please note: we require a £1225 'Special Order Parts Payment' at the point of the booking.
More info available on our FAQ Page here.

As the E9x M3 platform ages, there are increasingly more items which are deteriorating.
Here's an example video of some of the common items we find: