E46 Jacking Point Reinforcement


We've been restoring E46's since 2010 and reinforcing E46 Jacking Points since 2016 so we know a thing or two about the intricate internals of the rear sill area on these models.

Due to a design weakness from factory as well as unfavourable 'jacking' of the vehicle, the rear internal jacking point can crease and tip up inside the rear sill of an E46.

We've been making our own reinforcement in house since 2016, then due to demand decided to make them on scale in 2022.

This is the result:
A professionally designed (3D scanned internal sill section), laser cut, tig welded, and zinced product ready for installation.

We use our Redish E46 Jacking Point Reinforcements on the majority of E46 RACP Repairs, and especially on our Underside Restorations.

Now we're offering them direct to you the end user for your own project and to help provide continued support to the E46 community, not to mention help keep these fantastic models on the road for longer.

Shipping prices vary depending on destination.
The prices below include 2x reinforcements and the shipping costs.
(This is the total price).

  • UK: £130 GBP.
  • Europe: £140 GBP.
  • USA/CAN £150 GBP.
  • AUS/NZ £160 GBP.
  • Asia £160 GBP.

Trade enquiries welcome.

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Here's a quick video example of the in-house tooling we've made ourselves to effectively repair the sunken Jacking Point by hydraulically pulling it back into place: