E60 E61 M5 S85 Throttle Actuators


A common issue with the E60 E61 M5 is the Throttle Actuator(s) failing.

Typical symptoms are reduced power, followed by several failures including:

  • Dynamic Stability Control (DSC/DTC)
  • Run Flat Tyre (FTM)
  • Engine Management (EML)

Other more serious symptoms are 'Limp Mode' (reduced power).

Sometimes these faults can be cleared with code readers & diagnostic equipment, but can then come back on either immediately, hours later, or even days later.

Common fault codes you may see are:

  • 2B15 - Throttle Valve Actuator Control Monitor Bank 1
  • 2B16 - Throttle Valve Actuator Control Monitor Bank 2


We've teamed up with the excellent and well regarded Rebuild.org.uk.
They have amassed a wealth of knowledge over the years and become the go-to solution for BMW M3 M5 M6 Throttle Actuators.
Jason fully rebuilds the units including New Gears, Circuit Boards, and some other improvements which we can't disclose due to their IP.

These rebuilt Throttle Actuators are fully guaranteed for life which is a testament to Rebuild's confidence on their units and shows great long term commitment to these iconic M-power vehicles.

Here's a video featuring Jason showing just SOME of the work which goes into the rebuilding process. Remember, there is further work carried out but that cannot be shown due to IP.



Redish Motorsport versions:

As an authorised reseller of the Rebuild.org.uk S85 Throttle Actuators, Redish Motorsport aim to always carry our version in stock here with us in Bristol.

Our versions come direct from Jason pre-engraved with the Redish Motorsport logo reinforcing our long term partnership and trusted reseller status.



We usually keep these in stock which means most of the time they're ready for immediate installation
Meaning less down time, or waiting whilst we send yours away for repair.

You don't have to buy a spare set of actuators up front or take your vehicle off the road whilst you send the old actuators away for repair.
We handle all the administration background work for you.



We supply and install a pair of fully rebuild (lifetime guaranteed) Throttle Actuators for
£895 including VAT.


To make a booking for this service, please call us on 01179 781889.

We require a £100 deposit at the point of booking.