E46 M3 Carbon Fibre Roof

We offer the installation of Karbonius BMW E46 Carbon Fibre Roof.

Having fitted many brands of carbon roof over the years, in our opinion Karbonius is the only OEM-quality option we are aware of.

Therefore, it's the only brand of carbon roof that we offer.

The costs involved to retrofit this are as follows:

Non Sunroof Model Sunroof Model
Karbonius Roof £1,795 £1,795
Materials & Consumables £275 £275
Screens Remove/Install (sub con) £280 £280
Roof Bow - £78
Labour £1,680 £2,395
Total £4,030 £4,823

You also have the option for the following items:

(You should budget for new Windscreens as it's very common the screen technicians cannot remove these without them cracking due to microscopic stone chips)

Optional Parts:
Optional Scuttle Trim Plastic £95
Optional (but likely req') Front Screen £451
Optional (but likely req') Rear Screen £348
Optional CSL Roof Gutter Trims £312

To make a booking, please contact us and speak with General Manager Simon Edwards.

We require a £1795 special-order parts deposit at the point of booking due to the Karbonius being a special order item (as per our FAQ page).