E46 M3 Corrosion / Rust

Unfortunately, corrosion is almost guaranteed to attack a vehicle at some stage in it's life.
In fact, even 5 year old F80's aren't excluded from the grips of rust.
Check out this video we recorded:

We've been around E46's long enough to see they are suffering quite badly in common areas.

  • Battery Box
  • Rear Arches
  • Jacking Points
  • RACP
  • Spring Perches
  • Fuel Tank & Brake Pipe Brackets
  • Rear Trailing Arm Pockets
  • V-Brace Mountings
  • Rear Sill Ends
  • Seat Panel
  • Rear Bulkhead
  • Rear Floor Pan
  • 25mm Floor Grommets
  • Central Chassis Rail
  • Transmission Tunnel Support Panel
  • Front Control Arm Bush Mounting Area
  • Front Chassis Legs
  • Front Turret Support Panel



There are 2 ways to deal with corrosion:


Removal of corrosion is ultimately the best way as the affected piece is physically removed and a new piece is added in it's place.

Removal can be carried out in several ways:
Cutting or Chemical-Reaction.

Treatment can be carried out in several ways:
Chemical-Reaction or Coating.