E46 M3 Package Prices

As one of the UK's leading specialists for the BMW E46 M3, we often get asked if can carry out several jobs during 1 single visit.

Of course, this is no problem for us.

Naturally, some jobs 'cross over' and interact with other jobs meaning there can be savings.

We've put together some 'Package Prices' below which we commonly get asked to quote for:

Conrod Bearings on it's own £995.
Conrod Bearings, Headgasket £2395.
Conrod Bearings, Headgasket, Vanos Overhaul £2995. (SAVES £500 on retail prices!)
Conrod Bearings Vanos Overhaul £1895.
Conrod Bearings, Vanos Overhaul, Valve Clearances £1985.
Conrod Bearings, Vanos Overhaul, Inspection 2 Service £2385.

Headgasket on it's own £1550.
Headgasket, Vanos Overhaul £2185.
Headgasket, Inspection 2 Service £1895.
Headgasket, Vanos Overhaul, Inspection 2 Service £2540.

Vanos Overhaul on it's own £995.
Vanos Overhaul, Valve Clearances £1085.
Vanos Overhaul, Inspection 2 Service £1595.

Valve Clearances on it's own £260.
Valve Clearances, Conrod Bearings £1255.

We require a £200 deposit to make a booking with us for any of the work above.

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