BMW E46 M3 S54 Headgasket replacement

We treat out BMW E46 M3 Headgasket replacements as a perfect opportunity to refresh pretty much all the cylinder head water, oil, air O-rings, Seals, Gaskets.

We provide an extremely comprehensive overhaul when carrying out the common BMW E46 M3 S54 headgasket replacement.

Our price for the basic package is £1750
This includes the following parts, fluid, labour, and VAT)

Part description Qty
Headgasket 1
Head bolt set 1
Head dowels 2
Vanos supply O-ring Front 1
Vanos supply O-ring Rear 1
Vanos Supply / Cam Bridge Green O-ring 1
Camshaft sensor O-rings 2
Exhaust Chain guide bolt sealing washer 1
Inlet Chain guide bolt sealing washer 1
Vanos pressure valve filter 1
Vanos pressure valve filter O-ring 1
Vanos pressure valve body O-ring 1
Vanos steel gasket 1
Vanos oil pipe copper washers 4
Oil drain down tube copper washers 2
Cam hub torx bolts for sprockets 12
Vanos gearbox hex bolts 12
Head chain guide rail 1
Head chain guide rail O-ring 1
Chain tensioner sealing washer 1
Blue BMW Antifreeze 3L
Thermostat lower O-ring 1
Thermostat upper O-ring 2
Vacuum rail hose clamp 1
Fuel supply pipe O-ring 1
Water rail to cylinder head O-rings 3
Rocker Cover Gasket (outer) 1
Rocker Cover spark plug gaskets x6 (inners) 6
Rocker Cover Nut Seal Rings x15 15
Throttle body to head O-ring 6
Exhaust Manifold Gaskets x6 6
Air emissions valve to head gasket 1

Options available:

Cylinder Head Service £350
Chemical Bath
Pressure Test
Straightness Check

Additional options to consider £TBC:
Valve Stem Oil Seals
Valve & Seat Lapping