BMW E46 M3 S54 Conrod Bearing & Bolt Replacement

BMW E46 M3 Conrod Bearings

During our work we always change the following items:

  • Conrod Bearing Shells x12 (Uppers x6, Lowers x6)
  • Conrod Bolts x12
  • Plastigauge measure all clearances of new bearings (12x measurements)
  • Genuine BMW Sump Gasket
  • Genuine BMW Sump Sieve Gasket
  • Genuine BMW Sump Plug
  • Genuine BMW Oil Pump Suction Tube O-ring
  • Genuine BMW Dipstick O-ring
  • Genuine BMW Engine Oil Filter Kit
  • Castrol Supercar 10w60 M-power Engine Oil
  • Genuine BMW PAS Fluid 
  • Genuine BMW PAS Rack Sealing Rings

We offer several options depending on the brand of bearings & bolts that the customer would like.

ACL Bearings / BMW Bolts £1075.
ACL Bearings / ARP Bolts £1175.

BMW Bearings / BMW Bolts £1295.
BMW Bearings / ARP Bolts £1395.

(Engine Mounts can be added for £100 for the pair).

Please note:
All prices include VAT.
Cars 'built' before February 2003 require a larger Conrod Bolt set which carries an additional £100 on top of the £1175 or £1395.

To make a booking with us for this job, we require a £200 deposit at the point of booking.

We would need your car for 2 working days to carry out this repair.

We will also take digital pictures and supply a VIDEO of key stages to document the repair for you.