BMW E46 M3 S54 Conrod Bearings

During our work we always change the following items:

  • Conrod Bearings x12
  • Conrod Bolts x12 (choice of BMW or ARP listed below).
  • Plastigauge measure the clearances of all new bearings 
  • Genuine BMW Sump Gasket
  • Genuine BMW Sump Sieve Gasket
  • Genuine BMW Sump Plug
  • Genuine BMW Oil Pump Suction Tube O-ring
  • Genuine BMW Dipstick O-ring
  • Genuine BMW Engine Oil Filter Kit
  • Castrol Supercar 10w60 M-power Engine Oil
  • Genuine BMW PAS Fluid 
  • Genuine BMW PAS Rack Sealing Rings

We offer several options depending on the brand of bearings & bolts that you would like.
This is because the S54 engine has 2x style Conrods and therefore Conrod Bolts: (M10) v (M11).

Vehicles built before 1st February 2003 will require M11 Bolts.
Vehicles built on/after 1st February 2003 will require M10 Bolts.

  • ACL Race Bearings / BMW Bolts (M10) £1330.
  • ACL Race Bearings / BMW Bolts (M11) Not possible *
  • ACL Race Bearings / ARP Bolts (M10) £1395.
  • ACL Race Bearings / ARP Bolts (M11) £1520.
  • BMW Bearings / BMW Bolts (M10) £1625. 
  • BMW Bearings / BMW Bolts (M11) Not possible *
  • BMW Bearings / ARP Bolts (M10) £1690.
  • BMW Bearings / ARP Bolts (M11) £1815.

* BMW have never sold M11 Bolts.
BMW suggest you reuse the old M11 Bolts.
Most people, including us, don't like the idea of using the old M11 Bolts.
Therefore, if your engine uses M11 Bolts we will only offer new ARP M11 Bolts as we do not re-use the old M11 BMW Bolts.

(Engine Mounts can be added for £100 for the pair).

(Genuine BMW Engine Oil Pump, Sprocket, Bolts, Nut package can be added for £650).

All prices include VAT.

When comparing prices, don't forget to check which size Conrod Bolts you will need as most specialists offer the M10 (cheapest) price only.
That may seem appealing but can often result in hidden additional costs once your engine is disassembled and found to be needing M11 bolts.
Whereas, we are totally transparent and offer the various different price scenarios upfront. (as above).

To make a booking with us for this job, we require a £200 deposit at the point of booking.
Please contact us and speak to General Manager Simon Edwards to discuss your booking.

We would need your car for 2 working days to carry out this repair.
We will also take digital pictures of key stages to document the repair for you.

Example of our workmanship on the E46 M3 S54 Conrod Bearing process: