BMW E46 RACP UNDERSIDE Repair & Reinforcement

We consider all E46's for our well evolved Redish Motorsport E46 RACP Repair & Reinforcement Process on a case-by-case basis.
This means that we are not able to offer estimated prices for this repair.

Due to this fluid repair being quite different on each vehicle, our repairs can take anywhere from 50-80+ labour hours depending on the quantity, severity, and location of the cracks (and broken spot welds).

Approx 95% of vehicles we inspect have some form of cracking inside the vehicle around the Rear Seat Panel and Boot Floor Panel too.

The other huge factor which makes each price very individual to the vehicle is the level of surface, hidden, and trapped corrosion which is present on and around the RACP where we're working.
(RACP corrosion has to be taken care of otherwise we cannot apply our world-leading anti-corrosion products).

Here's an example video of the a typical Redish E46 RACP Repair & Reinforcement Process for the Underside of the vehicle.
Over the 32 minute video documentary you see the start-to-finish process which shows our passion, knowledge, and true attention to detail, as well as our world-leading anti-corrosion finishes that we apply to replicate an original factory OEM finish.

The Redish Motorsport process is truly regarded as Restoration level quality in terms of fabrication, knowledge, application, and anti-corrosion processes.

Here's an example video of some of the corrosion points which we commonly find on the BMW E46 chassis. You are welcome to have us attend to your corrosion areas if you like. Just ask for more details. We cannot offer set prices on corrosion work as each vehicle has varying levels of corrosion present. We offer corrosion/fabrication work on an hourly labour rate.

Please feel free to call and ask any questions you may have.
We'll be more than happy to help you.

Due to the popularity of our RACP repair there is commonly a wait of anywhere between 6-12 months.

To make a booking with us you first need to have had us carry out our 'RACP Check & Report'.

The deposit required to make an RACP repair booking with us is £500.